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Ultra Mini Breadboard XF-25 Breadboard - Light Green (Pack of 2) - RS4928

Ultra Mini Breadboard XF-25 Breadboard - Light Green (Pack of 2) - RS4928


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This is the XF-25 Ultra Mini Breadboard. Its advantages are not inferior to previous conventional breadboards. Ultra Mini Breadboard can save more materials than the previous breadboard and is environmentally protected with its small figure. You can assemble the Ultra Mini Breadboard independently according to the needs of the circuit plate size in the experiment. The using principle is the same as a previous old breadboard. The Block Building Breadboard measures 1.5x2cm. It uses the Base Plate For the block Building Breadboard.


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Tie Points: 25 Points
  • Colour: Light Green


  • ABS plastic Material and Good Contact points
  • Completely Reusable Flexible Structure
  • Accepts a variety of wire sizes (29-20 AWG)
  • 32 modular mini breadboards are pluggable in one piece of plate
  • Terminal Strip, Tie-point 25
  • Ultra Mini Breadboard accept transistors, diodes, LEDs, resistors, capacitors and virtually all types of components
  • Make the model as you wish with the colourful breadboards.
  • XF-25 has many types of colours, in the experiment, you can put the capacitor in the green breadboard, put the resistor in the red breadboard, and so on, doing this, will make the educator do electronic experiments.
  • Compared with the ordinary breadboard, the XF-25 looks more mini. But please don't look at its small body, which has many advantages. First, XF-25 saves a lot of material and environmental protection. Second, you can choose the quantity of Ultra Mini Breadboard according to the need of the experiment you do

Package Included:

1 x Ultra Mini Breadboard XF-25 Breadboard - Light Green (Pack of 2)

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