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Straight Tweezers -RK039

Straight Tweezers -RK039


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Bare essentials straight tweezers are multipurpose tweezers suitable for all types of tweezing. For best results, use after a hot shower or after applying a hot towel to the area that is to be tweezed. This will help loosen the hair follicle and reduce skin trauma. To clean and rejuvenate tweezers, gently slide a fine grain emery board through the jaws. Washable, sanitizable and rustproof. Always clean and dry tweezers after use.When soldering small surface-mount (SMD/SMT) components, one thing you'll need is a good pair of tweezers. These tweezers are a great pair of every-day tweezers. They're anti-static, anti-magnetic and made of hard stainless steel. The tips are fine and pointy to pick up any size component.


  • Forged stainless steel material with excellent flexibility and will never suffer rust.
  • Specially designed delicate clip end,no harm to your small or thin water plants.
  • Great for all types of aquarium plants,substrate,gravel,and other decorations.
  • Serves as the best utensil for those expertise water plants cultivators in the caring of young aquarium plants.
  • Best tools to trim and neatly groom aquarium plants.

Package Included:

1 x Straight Tweezers