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RP200A-The Third generation of 3d pen Red Color - RS918

RP200A-The Third generation of 3d pen Red Color - RS918


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  • The slim and light weight of the 3D handle is only 55 grams;
  • Type 3d handles Myriwell - RP200A, RP200C, RP400;
  • Adjustment of extrusion temperature;
  • Power supply DC12V / 2A;
  • 6 speeds of plastic feeding;
  • Soft-touch coating;
  • The display is OLED;
  • Supports plastic ABC and PLA;
  • The diameter of the thread is 1.75 mm;
  • The diameter of the nozzle is 0.7 mm.


  • A 3D printing pen looks pretty much like the pencil or pen that we normally use, but the difference is that the former is bulkier. And instead of lead or ballpoint, the former uses a plastic nib using which users can draw 3D structures. Have you heard of it before? Nope? I’m sure you’re going to read the following information on 3D printing pens.
  • Before we learn how 3d printing pens work, it makes sense to know that using them is pretty similar to using a normal pen or pencil. 3D pens are held in the same way like any other pen, but the major difference is that the former can be used in a lot of ways that traditional pens aren’t.
  • A 3D printing pen uses plastic to draw an object or a structure, which is different from the concept of using inks in the traditional pens. To draw a 3D object using your pen, all you need to do is fill your pen with plastic filament that comes with the kit. The heating technology used in the pen will automatically heat the plastic. Eventually, the plastic turns from solid to molten state and at this stage you can pretty much draw anything that you want to with your 3D printing pen. And you can draw on surfaces such as walls, furniture, and plastic.


  • Electron-digital adjustment of the speed of the plastic feed (6 speeds)
  • Spply of plastic in 2 directions
  • Draws ABS and PLA plastic
  • Automatic disconnection of the handle when not used for more than 5 minutes
  • Improved ergonomics under the anatomy of the hand
  • Advanced LCD display
  • Soft touch surface for hands