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RC USB Flight Simulator Cables 22 in 1 Flight Simulator Cable Support G7 / G6 G5.5 G5 PH5.0 Flysky FS-I6 FS-TH9X FS-T6 FS-CT6B - RS427

RC USB Flight Simulator Cables 22 in 1 Flight Simulator Cable Support G7 / G6 G5.5 G5 PH5.0 Flysky FS-I6 FS-TH9X FS-T6 FS-CT6B - RS427


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This is RC USB flight simulator. This RC USB Flight Simulator supports G7, Phoenix RC5.0, Reflex XTR, VRC. This RC USB Flight Simulator is suitable for RC helicopters, quadcopters, aeroplanes. This universal RC USB Flight Simulator adapter dongle allows you to connect a variety of different RC transmitters to your PC or Mac for use in Flight Simulators such as FPV Freerider, Aerofly RC, Phoenix RC, Liftoff, Hot Props, RealFlight, DRL, and more.

RC USB Flight Simulator is a great way to practice for RC pilots of all skills and all crafts. Particularly for new pilots, simulators save time and money on repairs and allow you to get much more flight time in than you would be able to in real life. Plus they are fun! Please note, no simulation software is included with this listing. Also, this is designed to be used with RC simulators only, not as a general game controller.


  • G7.0 one key installation, equipped with G5.5 / G6.5 (the only serial number).
  • RC USB Flight Simulator Radio support: Supports most radio controllers on the market (JR, FUTABA, ESKY, Flysky etc.)
  • Language: Chinese and English
  • Installation OS compatibility: XP, Windows7 (32 bits, 64bits), Windows8, Vista
  • Hardware support: NewG7.0, G6.5, G6 ... G2, New 5.0 Phoe, XTR, FMS, Aerofly

Reminder For Installation:

  • Make sure that your remoter can support PPM mode
  • Firstly try to find the "autorun" icon on the CD, this is the quick installation guide.
  • Before running any program, please install the "DirectX9.0" from the CD.
  • Run the "simulator console" as administrator in CD, and change to a different program more easily and conveniently, or change the switch of the USB simulator-four slid switch for your choice.
    • 27418829-E1-5140106092
    • 22850737-E2-3850104361
    • 78396652-E3-7440103834
    • 13144997-E4-6630107326
    • 78779710-E5-8790101628
    • 67920032-E6-7880104031
    • 90638630-E7-7730148192
    • 64658044-E8-1910121237
    • 35589764-H1-0040109905
    • 49778064-A1-0040109998

Package Included:

  • 1 x RC USB Flight Simulator (with switch, switchable)
  • 1 x Square adapter cable
  • 1 x Mini din adapter cable
  • 1 x Audio cable 1.5 m (3.5 mm jack to jack plug)
  • 1 x Simulator software DVD