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Raspberry Pi 5 Active Cooler Raspberry Pi 5 Cooling Fan Compatible with Raspberry Pi 5 4GB, and 8GB - Black - RS5759

Raspberry Pi 5 Active Cooler Raspberry Pi 5 Cooling Fan Compatible with Raspberry Pi 5 4GB, and 8GB - Black - RS5759


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The Raspberry Pi Active Cooler for Raspberry Pi 5 is a dedicated, permanent clip-on cooling solution for Raspberry Pi 5. It combines an aluminium heatsink with a temperature-controlled blower fan to keep your Raspberry Pi 5 at a comfortable operating temperature even under heavy loads.

The Active Cooler is a one-piece anodized aluminium heatsink with an integrated fan. It has pre-applied thermal pads for heat transfer and mounts to the Raspberry Pi 5 board directly using spring pins. It connects to the same 4-pin JST connector as the case fan.

A radial blower, again selected for low noise and long life, pushes air through an extruded aluminium heatsink. The Active Cooler's cooling performance is slightly higher than that of the Fan Case, making it particularly suitable for overclockers.


  • Input Voltage: 5V DC supplied via four-pin fan header on Raspberry Pi 5
  • Fan Speed Control: Pulse width modulation control with tachometer
  • Maximum Airflow 1.09 CFM
  • Maximum Fan Speed: 8000 RPM +/- 15%
  • Material: Anodised Aluminium
  • Colour: Black


  • Enhanced Cooling Performance: The Vilros Raspberry Pi 5 Active Cooler combines a large metal heatsink with a high-quality variable-speed fan for superior cooling efficiency.
  • Powered and Controlled Fan: The fan heatsink is powered and controlled through the fan connector on the board, ensuring optimal performance and temperature regulation.
  • Intelligent Temperature Control: The heatsink radiator is software-controlled, remaining off until the temperature rises and requires cooling, providing a silent operation when not needed.
  • Open and Ventilated Design: The included bracket features a fully open and ventilated structure, allowing for maximum airflow and heat dissipation to keep Raspberry Pi 5 running smoothly.
  • For Raspberry Pi Board Compatibility: Please note that this cooling fan radiator package does not include for Raspberry Pi board itself, but the active cooling system is fully suitable for the Raspberry Pi 5 board.

Assembly Instruction:

  • Remove the backing paper from the thermal pads on the underside of the product.
  • Make sure your Raspberry Pi 5 is powered off. Position the Active Cooler carefully in the correct space on Raspberry Pi 5, making sure not to hit any of the connectors. Please refer to the diagram on the front of the box which shows the correct position and orientation of the product.
  • Align the two white push pins with the two dedicated heatsink holes.
  • When correctly positioned, press evenly on the tops of the two push pins simultaneously until they click, indicating that they are clipped onto the board.
  • Once the Active Cooler is mounted, connect its fan cable to the connector labelled ‘FAN’ on Raspberry Pi 5. Take care to ensure the cable’s connector is the correct way around when inserting it. If you feel any resistance, stop immediately, remove the fan cable connector, and make sure that both it and the connector on Raspberry Pi 5 are undamaged before proceeding. Make sure that the connector on the cable is pushed down fully onto the connector on Raspberry Pi 5.
  • We recommend that the Active Cooler is not removed once it is fitted to Raspberry Pi 5. Removal of the Active Cooler will cause the push pins and thermal pads to degrade and is likely to lead to product damage.
  • Ensure the push pins are undamaged and can clip onto the Raspberry Pi board securely before use. Discontinue the use of the Active Cooler and replace the push pins if they are damaged or deformed, or if they do not clip securely.

Package Included:

1 x Raspberry Pi 5 Active Cooler Raspberry Pi 5 Cooling Fan Compatible with Raspberry Pi 5 4GB, and 8GB - Black

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