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Q50 GPS Tracker Watch Children SOS Smart Watch For Kid Safe Anti-Lost Monitor (Pink) - RS491

Q50 GPS Tracker Watch Children SOS Smart Watch For Kid Safe Anti-Lost Monitor (Pink) - RS491


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  • GPS +LBS (Base station positioning):
  • Dual mode positioning means double safety for kids.
  • Achieve all-day real-time location tracking,
  • check the position at any time anywhere.
  • You can track the location via SMS, website, iOS or Android APP.
  • please put the watch on a full charge for about 3 hours.
  • Our watch support the micro sim card of AT&T or T-mobile


1. Accurate Location
We use LBS location for the accurate position.
2. Safe Incoming Calls
a. After setting SOS/Family number, Contacts, Telephone numbers in the APP, kids can only receive calls from the setting numbers. Not from a STRANGER!
b. Kids can press SOS or familiarity number button to call you!
3. Walkie Talkie
By this function, you can have voice conversation between smartwatch and app. Send voice message over an app or watch recording message send to phone's app all is available!
4. Safety Zone
The Min. fence radius is within 500 meters, if the watch user walked out of the range, your phone will receive an alert.
5. Pedometer
It's also can record your dear bay's steps, calories, and distance. Let you know baby's sports data, adjust exercise program and get a healthier life!
6. Sleeping Monitoring
The smartwatch will record your baby's turnover times, you can check the related data through the APP.
7. History Route
Path query in your children's historical activities by the choose the period.
8. Find the watch
If the watch is not nearby, send this command, the watch will start to ring for 1 min so that you can easily find it, press any button will stop the ringer.
9. Listen to kids
If you miss your baby, you can listen to them without disturbing them.
10. Alarm
You can set 3 different alarms as your child's requirements!
11. Remote Shutting Down
You can remote controlled the smartwatch power off via APP.
12. Anti-lost
After registering your smartwatch in the phone and the APP is online, if someone takes off the watch from your children's wrist, your phone will alert to remind you.
14. App's Language
The App's language support English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Turkish, Vietnamese, Russian, French, Indonesian, Malay, Dutch, Danish, Polish etc.


  • Color: Green, Dark Blue, Slight Blue, Black, Pink
  • Product size: 31 X 52 X 11.8mm
  • Battery: 400mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery 3.7V (included)
  • Speaker: 8Ω/0.5W speaker x 1
  • MIC: Built-in hi-fi MIC
  • Communication: GSM,GPRS
  • location: LBS
  • Physical buttons: POWER ON_OFF Key,SOS button,volume+,volume-

How To Use:

1. The scan QR code on the packing box and which is always you can find at the button of boxes.
2. Download the APP "Setracker" and Register Account.
3. Scan or enter into the device ID. Each device has only one unique ID, it can be only be used once, and it is the access to connect between watch and phone.
4. Choose language and server location. After you scan the device ID and fill into the account name and password. You got to choose the language and server in your area before you finish it. The language we have now are: English, Türkiye, Português, Español, Deutsch. And there are 5 sever around the world now, they are Hong Kong, Asia, and Oceania, North America, South America, Europe, and Africa.

How To Solve Problems:

Q: Why my unique ID will have existed?
The ID number is consistent, some customers do not use their ID number correctly, but use others by mistake, then you might be the one whose unique ID already existed. Please tell us the ID numbers, We will reset the ID on the server.
Q: How to retrieve my account, if I lost the account name and password?
You only need to offer us the ID number, then we can locate your device. After the data being cleared, then you can create another new account.
Q: Why the error range of GSM base station locating up to hundreds of meters?
LBS locating is a way of satellite positioning, so it is quite accurate. But GSM locating is based on base station, its accuracy depends on the signal strength received by the transmitter, where has the better signal, then its location will be provided. So the error range can be big.
Q: Why the watch can't connect to the internet?
1. Please make sure SIM card support "GSM" and installed ok, the GPRS works fine.
2. Make sure you choose the right server If not, It can't connect to the server. Please contact us to modify it.
3. If it still doesn't work, That's the APN problems,Contact us to solve it.
4. Before contacting us, Please edit the SMS commander on your phone and send it to the watch,”pw,123456,ts#”
We need the message returned to solve the problem.

Packing Included:

1 x Smart Watch
1 x Cable
1 x English User Manual