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PIC ICD2 Programming Adapter PICKIT2 PICKIT3 Universal Programmer -NA099/RS3822

PIC ICD2 Programming Adapter PICKIT2 PICKIT3 Universal Programmer -NA099/RS3822


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This PICkit 3 In-Circuit Debugger (original clone) allows programming and debugging of MICROCHIP PIC and dsPIC microcontrollers. The PICKIT3 allows you to program all the microcontrollers Flash and dsPIC as well as to execute (on the micro that support this function) the debug in real time. It uses the powerful graphical user interface of the MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which allows you to launch, block or execute the running program step by step. The contents of the registers can be read and modified when the program on the microcontroller is not running. You can conveniently set breakpoints in the program you are running. The microcontroller can be reset.

Compatible With:

  • PIC16/18XX 40PIN Series devices (except 16F59)
  • PIC16/18XX 28PIN Series devices (except 16F57)
  • PIC16/18XX 18PIN Series devices
  • The PIC 8PIN/14PIN/20PIN family of devices (except 10FXX)


  • Installing the microcontroller, 28-pin, 40-pin microcontroller left aligned 28/40P (A) This flag line short-circuit cap on the A position.
  • The 8,14,18,20 pin microcontroller aligned on the left 8P/14P/18P/20P flag line (B), shorting cap on the B position.
  • The ICD2, KIT2, KIT3 crystal head or 6Pin Block programming connection for programming the programming operation.

Package Included

1 x PIC ICD2 Programming Adapter PICKIT2 PICKIT3 Universal Programmer