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MQ-214 Methane Sensor / Combustible Gas Sensor - NB007

MQ-214 Methane Sensor / Combustible Gas Sensor - NB007


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MQ - 214 is a Methane (CH4) gas sensor detects the concentrations of methane in the air and outputs its reading as an analog voltage. Wide detecting scope. Fast response and High sensitivity. Stable and long life. Simple drive circuit. They are used in gas leakage detecting equipment in family and industry, are suitable for detecting of methane LPG, i-butane, propane


  • Operating Voltage: 4.5V to 5V DC.
  • High sensitivity to Methane Gas.
  • Suitable for LPG, LNG, iso-butane, propane, H2.
  • Interface type: Analog.
  • Long life and low cost.


Package included:

1 x MQ-214 Methane Sensor