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How to operate the Q50 OLED Display GPS tracking Smart Positioning Watch - KT983

How to operate the Q50 OLED Display GPS tracking Smart Positioning Watch - KT983


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  • Wristband Material: Silicone
  • Cellular Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Communication: GSM/GPRS
  • Operating System: MTK G
  • CPU: MTK 6261 364MHz
  • Internal memory: 32M
  • USB Interface: USB 3.0
  • Display: 0.96″ OLED 128×64


  • Wristband Material: Silicone
  • Cellular Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Communication: GSM/GPRS
  • Operating System: MTK G
  • CPU: MTK 6261 364MHz
  • Internal memory: 32M
  • USB Interface: USB 3.0
  • Display: 0.96″ OLED 128×64
  • Speaker: 8O/0.5W
  • MIC: Built-in Hi-Fi MIC
  • Location: GPS & LBS (accurate to within 10 meters)
  • Telephone: Support
  • SMS Alert: Support (when app is installed)
  • Remote Monitoring: Support (when app is installed)
  • SOS Alarm: Support
  • Remote Debugging: Support
  • Acceleration Sensor: Support
  • Low Power Management: Support
  • Net Weight: 39g
  • Battery Capacity: 400mAh
  • Battery Types: Li-polymer 3.7V


  1. Testing the equipment model if it is correct and check all the accessories if they are complete.
  2. Choose the micro sim card which match to the GSM Network, you can refer to the opinions of the dealer.(power off before you insert the Micro-SIM Card)
  3. The micro sim card need to be with GPRS function and call screening function
  4. Install the application
  5. The Bar code and QR code for registration.

The Q50 Smart Watch is easy to operate, featuring simple single-push button operation for the SOS alarm and two quick-call buttons to two different pre-set numbers. The SOS mode will call the pre-set numbers in sequence until one is answered.

Remember, the Q50 can receive calls from any phone but can only call the pre-set numbers


  • Location

  • Talk

  • Alarm clock

  • Electronic Fence
  • SOS for help

  • Telephone book
  • Remote power Off


The button instructions:

Button 1:

  • Touch to make friends;
  • Friend’s Recording
  • Only for when using the item “ touch to make friends”
  • Pressing once this Button, it goes to the interface of “Touch to make friends” when to watches make touch together. It can add another as the friend. Each watch only can add one friend.

Button 2:

  • The power button
  • Hang up button
  • Send voice messages from watch to app
  • Long press for power on in the main interface, long press for voice recording, release for sending the voice messages to the application; short press for the hang up the incoming call

Button 3:

  • Phonebook;
  • Second family number
  • Short press enters the phone book, then short press again to choose the phone number, long press for dialing. The phone number in the phone book can make two-way conversation win the watch. If you have seen a second family number on the app, you can long press to dialing the second family number directly.

Button 4:

  • SOS Button;
  • Answering button
  • Voice broadcast button;
  • If the app has setting SOS number, long press SOS button for dialing, if get no answer, the watch will call the family number one by one. When you have incoming call, short press for play the voice messages.



To download the SE tracker App, scan the QR code from the manual or form the image given below: (to scan the QR code you need to install the QR Code and Bar scanner from your phone play store)

The page will be shown like this.

Download the new version according to your phone's operating system.

The application interface looks like this

Register before login to your account. The register ID is the number which shown on the back cover of the watch, and the ID of the username is not less than four characters (letters or number). Id and user name is the only that can’t be repeat other information can be input casually and the password can be modified.

After registration, you are able to connect from the watch.

Now perform the task according to the given manual.


Make sure that the SIM card you have activated has airtime and data service. If so, you mention that you are able to call the phone but nothing else works. This can happens when your network provider doesn't seem to push the Network settings onto the watch. So in this case we need to manually input the APN into the phone via the phone SMS (the one that the watch accept call from.). So here is the format you need to send from your current phone to the watch phone. Password, 123456, apn, apn_name,username,password,MCCMNC#.

  • For example T-Mobile pan is (your network provider provides the apn and MCC and MNC; if you ask them and sometime the will push it for you to the activated SIM card); password you leave blank, username blank;
  • e.g.: you would send this message from your phone SMS (not the SE TRACKER APP) password,123456,apn,,,,310260#

No Username and password were required thus simply added commas (notice I have 3 commas after The MCC for T-Mobile is 310, the MNC was 260, then I end it with hashtag (#). Send the SMS to the watch, the watch will send you back an SMS acknowledge the setting, once that happen restart your watch.

NOTE: I have managed to set-up my two Q80 series watches for wo children. The below description is made for those, however the APN set-up should work here too.

The problem is that the watch does not have the correct mobile carrier Access Point Name (APN) set-up. Thus, the watch cannot make an internet connection to the server i.e. no communication with the server at all. That is why the mobile APP shows that the device is offline. Once you set-up the APN correctly an "up and down arrows" icon is shown next to the mobile signal bars on the watch's display. If that part is OK and the right server IP address is set then the watch will be on-line in the APP. Setting up these parameters requires sending SMS commands to the watch. But before that you need to know the following parameter for the APN. You can ask for your mobile provider for these details: - APN name - username - password - MCC (Mobile Country Code) - MNC (Mobile Network Code) Once you have these follow the below steps:

1.) Send an SMS: pw,123456,ts,# (This will ask for the status information from the watch)

2.) The watch sends a reply with a list of status info. Look for the lines and note them: ip_url, port, GPRS. If GPRS is e.g. "GPRS:NO(100)" it means your SIM card is GPRS capable, the watch can use it, however it cannot make an internet connection.

3.) Set-up the APN with the following command: format: pw,123456,apn,APN_NAME,USERNAME,PASSWORD,MCCMNC# for me it looked like (Telenor HU): pw,123456,apn,online,,,21601# The APN_NAME was online. No USERNAME and PASSWORD were required thus just simply added commas. The MCC was 216, the MNC was 01. So, send the SMS to the watch.

4.) The watch sends back an SMS acknowledging the settings. For me the SMS reply was: "apn:online;user:;passwork:;userdata:21601."

5.) Restart your watch

6.) Once the watch is up and running again you should see an 'up and down' icon next to the signal bar. 7.) Next, set-up the right IP address for the server. It depends on the region where you registered in the app. For me I registered to the Europe and Africa. Here is the list of the server addresses: - Hong Kong: - Europe Africa: - Asia Oceania: - North America: - South America: Check your status SMS at point #2. If your IP address is the correct one then you are done. Otherwise continue....

8.) Send and SMS command to set-up the server IP address and port. format: pw,123456,ip,IP_ADDRESS,PORT# for me (Europe and Africa): pw,123456,ip,,8001#

9.) The watch acknowledges the set-up with and SMS: “[surl,,port,8001#]ok!"

10.) Restart the watch again

11.) After the watch is up and running again check the mobile APP whether it is still saying your device is offline.

12.) Check for a position info by clicking locate in the APP. You need to wait for ~5-12 secs to have a response.

13.) If everything worked fine you are ready to set-up phonebook, allowed contacts, alarm clock etc. Note: If no SMS response from your watch try to change the pw,123456 to pw,523681 in the commands listed above. Also make sure your phone and watch have signal bars. Good luck! Tips, facts: - Disable PIN request for the SIM card for the watch before inserting. - Changing the hour format from 24H to 12H is not possible

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many / what functions work without a SIM card? Time? Pedometer?
A: No, it can not work without a SIM card.

Q: Whether this watch can be used in the Middle East?
A: Yes, it is, but the SIM card may need to be changed. Please note that SIM card needs to open 2G network, open GPRS "E" service and call ID function.

Q: Does it have the SIM card?
A: No, you have to purchase a SIM card through your cell phone provider or a large retailer ( Walmart, target, etc. ).

Q: What is the watch's working time? Stand-by time? Charging time?
A: The watch's working time is about 1 - 2 days, standby time is about 2 - 3 days while charging time is about 1 hour.

Q: How to update time and date?
A: The time and date will be synced with your phone after App connected. Please check the device has been online in the App.