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Easythreed ET-1000 Resin Printer ET-1000 LCD UV Resin Printer - RS5445

Easythreed ET-1000 Resin Printer ET-1000 LCD UV Resin Printer - RS5445


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EasythreeD ET-1000 LCD UV Resin Printer – Build Volume 118 x 66 x 150mm, Print Speed Max 60mm per hour, 2.8" LCD Display with Touch Screen. The Easythreed LCD ET-1000 Resin Printer has detailed colour codes, contrasts, and crisp images that won’t fade away over time. ET-1000 Resin Printer can be used to print, write, edit, and create patterns on multiple surfaces. you can also use it as a desktop printer for your office or home. A high-speed SLA printer can quickly and easily print the printing, which is more convenient to use.


  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080px
  • Print Speed: 60mm per hour
  • Light  Source: 405nm LED light source Touch screen: 2.8-inch touchscreen
  • Slicing Software: Chitubox
  • File Format: Input STL, output ctb
  • Print Method: USB
  • Layer RES: 0.05MM
  • Build Volume: 118 X 66X 150MM
  • Power: 12V, 4A ,48w
  • LCD Screen:5.5Inch 2k
  • LCD Resolution: 1920x 1080px 
  • Printing Speed: max 60mm/h


  • ET-1000 Resin Printer designed for high-precision and detailed 3D printing.
  • High-resolution LCD screen for sharp and accurate printing results.
  • Large printing volume to accommodate various sizes and quantities of models.
  • ET-1000 Resin Printer supports a wide range of UV resin materials for versatile printing options.
  • Fast printing speed for efficient and time-saving production.
  • ET-1000 Resin Printer has an easy-to-use touchscreen interface for intuitive control and settings adjustment.
  • Compatible with ChiTuBox slicing software for optimized model preparation.
  • Suitable for jewellery making, dental applications, miniatures, and other detailed 3D printing projects.

Package Included:

1 x Easythreed ET-1000 Resin Printer ET-1000 LCD UV Resin Printer

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