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Aluminum Propeller Locker/Adapter For RC Quadcopter - QR205

Aluminum Propeller Locker/Adapter For RC Quadcopter - QR205


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  • Item Name: Brushless Motor Prop Cap Nut
  • Thread size: M5
  • Material: High-Quality Plastic
  • Cap Height: 14 mm
  • Type: CW And CCW


This M5 Set of 2 Propeller Nut Cap CW CCW For Brushless DC Motor is the set of two different i.e CW and CCW Nut Cap for 1306 and 3100 brushless motor to be fitted above the propeller. Prop nuts of different directions usually come in different colors, such as black and silver for better user-friendliness. Some mini quad motors are labeled CW and CCW, and it can cause a hell of confusion for a lot of people in this hobby including experienced quadcopter builders. Basically, CW (clockwise) and CCW (counterclockwise) motors are still the same motors, apart from the prop shaft threads which have opposite direction. That means for a CCW motor, the prop nut is secured by turning clockwise. And for CW motors, the prop nuts need to be rotated anti-clockwise in order to fasten. So basically if you can fasten the prop nut clockwise, then you have a CCW motor, for which you should get the Right handed thread nut (standard thread). For CW motors, go for the Left-hand thread nuts (reverse thread).


Thread Size



High-Quality Plastic

Cap Height(mm)


Nut Type




Package Included:

  • 1 x M5 Propeller Prop Nut Cap CCW
  • 1 x M5 Propeller Prop Nut Cap CW