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741 OP AMP IC - RS542

741 OP AMP IC - RS542


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  • 50Pcs UA741CN DIP-8 UA741 LM741 Operational Amplifiers OP AMP IC
  • Brand new and high quality
  • Part NO.:UA741CN
  • Quantity:5pcs
  • Size:Aprrox.9.8mmx9mm
  • 1x Pack of 5 UA741CN DIP-8 Operational Amplifiers
  • LM741 DIP IC 8PIN


  • The LM741 are general-purpose operational amplifiers, Opamp, for short.
  • The LM741 can operate with a single or dual power supply voltage.
  • The LM741 can be operated in an open-loop configuration.
  • The magnitude of the open-loop gain is typically large thus for a small difference between the noninverting and inverting input terminals
  • the amplifier output will be driven near the supply voltage.
  • Without negative feedback, the LM741 can act as a comparator.
  • If the inverting input is held at 0 V or above, and the input voltage applied to the non-inverting input is positive, the output will be positive.
  • If the input voltage applied to the non-invertinginput is negative, the output will be negative.