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5MM Blue Led Light Emitting Diode (Pack of 5) - RS603

5MM Blue Led Light Emitting Diode (Pack of 5) - RS603


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This is a very standard, 5MM Blue Led. The lens is 5mm in diameter and it is diffused. Use a 120-ohm resistor or greater if you power the LED from a 5V source. A Super bright 5MM Blue Led is exceptionally bright with a wide beam angle, so they’re suitable for use in your projects, illuminations, headlamps, spotlights, car lighting, and models. The 5mm LED can be used anywhere where you need low power, high-intensity reliable lighting or indication. 5MM Blue Led go quickly into a breadboard and will add that extra zing to your project. The 5mm T1 3/4 LED is the most common size of LED available.


  • Lens Color: Blue
  • Emitting Color: Blue
  • Operating Voltage: 1.9-2.1V
  • Current: 20mA
  • Luminous Intensity: 1000-2000mcd

Connection Note:

Please Note: the longer lead indicates the anode, the lead frame arrangement and “cathode flat” on the case flange may be reversed for some LEDs, always use the longer lead as the anode or test the devices first.

Package Included:

5 x 5mm Blue Led Light Emitting Diode