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3D Drawing Pen, M1 Adults Kids, 3D Printer Printing Pen (White) - RS857

3D Drawing Pen, M1 Adults Kids, 3D Printer Printing Pen (White) - RS857


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  • This 3D pen allows you to printing anywhere with external power bank, 5V/2A input, and inside smart heating system.
  • Embrace your creativity, touch your creative side and make something that truly make people amazing.
  • 3D Pen accept two types of PLA / PCL filaments 1.75 mm, PCL only needs 55 degree to work.
  • Anti-hot fingers cover better protection.


  • 3D Printing Pen, It’s the SAFEST, MOST DURABLE PRECISION 3D ART Creator for Kids & Adults You've likely dreamed up what you can create already with this ULTRA-DURABLE 3D Pen and you've probably done your research, so you know that this is the best balance of affordability and pro-grade features you’ll find anywhere.
  • Here are a THREE more reasons smart customers love this 3D Model Pen: 100% Kid Safe - Non-Toxic – MESS FREE! While we always recommend adult supervision, you can rest easy knowing that the tip & filament WON’T BURN & WON’T CAUSE A FIRE, because the 100% Plant Based PLA Filament instantly cools the moment it exits the nozzle—making it a perfect teaching tool for kids.
  • Ideal for Beginners & Experts: COMFORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT 3D Printing Pen with ceramic nozzle allows you to manipulate and move the pen at angles you couldn’t otherwise achieve. EASIEST to USE [Instructions]: Plug the pen into any usb port (status indicator turns red).
  • Allow the pen 1 minute to heat up (status indicator turns green).
  • Insert filament into the hole and click the button 1X. Start drawing! It’ll instantly turn off within 10 minutes, or when you click the button again to pause it.