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300 RPM Single Shaft BO rectangle Motor - MR009

300 RPM Single Shaft BO rectangle Motor - MR009


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  • RPM: 300 at 12V
  • Voltage: 2V to 12V
  • Current: No load current and stall current are the function of voltage. For more data refer below tables
  • Clutch for non-continuous protection from overload conditions


This is a 300 RPM low-cost single shaft DC geared motor. It is most suitable for lightweight robots requiring small power. This motor can be used with a 69mm Diameter Wheel for Plastic Gear Motors and an 87mm Diameter Multipurpose Wheel for Plastic Gear Motors. The Driveshaft has a clutch for non-continuous protection from overload which protects gears from sudden overload. Motor runs smoothly from 2V to 12V and gives a wide range of RPM, and torque. The table below gives a fairly good idea of the motorâs performance in terms of RPM, no-load current as a function of voltage and stall torque, and stall current as a function of voltage.


  • Cost-effectiveness of the injection-moulding process.
  • Elimination of machining operations.
  • Low density: lightweight, low inertia.
  • Uniformity of parts.
  • Capability to absorb shock and vibration as a result of elastic compliance.
  • Ability to operate with minimum or no lubrication, due to inherent lubricity.
  • The relatively low coefficient of friction.
  • Corrosion-resistance; elimination of plating, or protective coatings.
  • The quietness of operation.
  • Tolerances are often less critical than for metal gears, due in part to their greater resilience.
  • Consistency with the trend to greater use of plastic housings and other components.


Operating Voltage

3~12 VDC

Shaft Length

8.5 mm

Shaft Diameter

(Double D-type)
5.5 mm

No Load Current


Rated Speed(After Reduction)

300 RPM

Rated Torque


Gearbox Shape


Dimensions :

Package Included:

1 x 300 RPM Single Shaft BO rectangle Motor