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24V 100MM Linear Actuator 24V 100MM Stroke Length Linear Actuator 7mm/S 1500N - RS3970

24V 100MM Linear Actuator 24V 100MM Stroke Length Linear Actuator 7mm/S 1500N - RS3970


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This 24V 100MM Linear Actuator with Stroke Lengths 100MM,7mm/S,1500N, and 24V is an electric push rod and an ideal solution for industrial, agricultural machinery, construction, clean sweeping vehicles, vessels, cargo and many other applications. This electric push rod is a kind of electric driving device which transforms the rotary motion of the motor into the linear reciprocating motion of the push rod. 24V 100MM Linear Actuator can be used in various simple or complex processes as executive machinery to realize remote control, centralized control or automatic control. The 24V 100MM Linear Actuator is composed of the drive motor, reduction gear, screw, nut, guide sleeve, pushrod, sliding seat, shell, micro-motion control switch, etc.


Stroke Length

100mm(apprx. 4inches)

Operating Voltage (VDC)


Maximum current draw


Operating temperature

-20C to +63C

Mounting hole diameter (both ends)

1/4 (6.4mm)

Protection Level


Maximum static load

337.2 lbs. ( 1500 Newtons )

Self Locking Force


Motor Diameter

36 mm

Speed at no load

0.28in/sec (7 mm /sec)

Speed at full load

0.22in/sec (5.5 mm /sec)

Noise level

45 dB


  • Aluminium frame and extension tube
  • 24V 100MM Linear Actuator has a compact design
  • Built-in Limit Switch
  • 24V 100MM Linear Actuator has Low Noise
  • 24V 100MM Linear Actuator has moisture-proof Surface
  • Long life: The drive motor adopts a new carbon brush structure, with a service life of more than 50000 times.


  • Autos, solar tracking system, agricultural machinery, the wedding system, industrial electric lifting system
  • The medical electric bed, surgical bed, traction bed
  • Electric equipment: Electric sofa, Electric lifting lever, Electric booth, electric sunroof, etc;
  • Chair for medical use: Electric wheelchair, massage chair, dental chair.
  • Product Applications: TV lift tables, massage beds, electric beds, medical chairs, electric equipment, micro-devices, electric sofas, camera frames, cameras and more.

Package Included:

1 x 24V 100MM Linear Actuator 24V 100MM Stroke Length Linear Actuator 7mm/S 1500N