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2 Color Led Module - AB020

2 Color Led Module - AB020


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  • Operating Voltage: 2.0~2.5V
  • Operating Current: 10mA
  • Diameter: 3mm
  • Package Type: Diffusion
  • Color: Red And Green


This is 2 color led module. This module has two different colors- Red and Green. Use this module as an indicator where each color corresponds to a different value situation or as plugin to other electronics boards such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi.


Operating Voltage 2.0v ~ 2.5v
Operating Current 10mA
Diameter 3mm
Package Type Diffusion
Color Red + Green
Beam Angle 150
Wavelength 571nm + 644nm
Luminosity Intensity (MCD) 20-40; 40-80

Connection Diagram:

We'll use a couple of 330Ω resistors to limit the current from the Arduino and prevent burning the LED.

KY-011 Breadboard Arduino
G 330Ω resistor Pin 10
R 330Ω resistor Pin 11

Example Code:

The following Arduino sketch will gradually alternate between red and green color.

int redpin =11; // pin for red signal
int greenpin =10; // pin for green signal
int val;voidsetup(){pinMode(redpin,OUTPUT);pinMode(greenpin,OUTPUT);}voidloop(){for(val =255; val >0; val--){analogWrite(redpin, val); //dim red
analogWrite(greenpin,255- val); // brighten green
delay(15);}for(val =0; val <255; val++){analogWrite(redpin, val); //brighten red
analogWrite(greenpin,255- val); //dim green

How To Use:

Display different colors using Two Color Module Using a Server Application

Package Included:

1 x 2 color Led Module