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100 KG Lifting Solenoid DC 12V KK-P60/60 Large Suction 100 KG Lifting Solenoid Electromagnet -RS4263

100 KG Lifting Solenoid DC 12V KK-P60/60 Large Suction 100 KG Lifting Solenoid Electromagnet -RS4263


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This compact functional 100 KG Lifting Solenoid offers high power with high reliability. The structure and design to release the residual magnetism left after de-energization is also one of 100 KG Lifting Solenoid unique features.


  • Model: DC 12V KK-P60/60
  • Input Voltage: 12V DC
  • Holding/ Suction Force: 100KG
  • Power Consumption: 16W
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 ~ 130°C
  • Body Material: Mild Steel
  • Max. Operating Current: 1400mA


  • This highly efficient DC 12V 100 KG Lifting Solenoid has a magnetic field of a strong pull (high attractive force) with low energy consumption. You can adjust to the desired attractive force by changing the power applied and the magnetic gap between the electromagnet and the substance.
  • When an 100 KG Lifting Solenoid is energized, the problem is how to release the magnetic force which remains on the device after the power is turned off. Our DC 12V Electromagnet is designed with measures to release and minimize this residual magnetic force.
  • 100 KG Lifting Solenoid has compact mechanism with high reliability.
  • 100 KG Lifting Solenoid has high mechanical strength and excellent durability.

Working Principle:

  • An electromagnet is simply a coil of wire. It is usually wound around an iron core.  However, it could be wound around an air core, in which case it is called a solenoid.  When connected to a DC voltage or current source, the electromagnet becomes energized, creating a magnetic field just like a permanent magnet.   The magnetic flux density is proportional to the magnitude of the current flowing in the wire of the electromagnet.
  • The polarity of the 100 KG Lifting Solenoid is determined by the direction of the current.  The north pole of the electromagnet is determined by using your right hand.  Wrap your fingers around the coil in the same direction as the current is flowing (conventional current flows from + to -).  The direction your thumb is pointing is the direction of the magnetic field, so north would come out of the electromagnet in the direction of your thumb.  DC electromagnets are principally used to pick up or hold objects.


100 KG Lifting Solenoid must meet the following conditions to achieve maximum suction:

  • The object to be sucked must have a good magnetic permeability.
  • Proper use of power supply, rated voltage.
  • The object to be sucked must be flat and clean.
  • The object to be sucked must be greater than or equal to the surface of the magnet( For example the magnet is 20 x 15 mm, so the surface area is S=r²π=10²π mm² so the object to be sucked must be greater than or equal to 10²π mm² )
  • The object to be sucked must be greater than 5mm. (If the thickness decreases, the suction decreases)
  • The object to be sucked must be close, the middle can’t be interspersed with objects or gaps
  • Suction means more than 5cm in thickness and surface roughness, the surface is greater than the cross-sectional area of the electromagnet and maximum suction completely fits together on an iron-based material.
  • 100 KG Lifting Solenoid in working condition electromagnetic conversion would produce a certain amount of heat, and electricity more frequently the higher temperatures, which is a normal phenomenon.

Package Included:

1 x 100 KG Lifting Solenoid DC 12V KK-P60/60 Large Suction 100 KG Lifting Solenoid Electromagnet


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