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1 meter Multistand wires for DIY Electronics Projects -RC045

1 meter Multistand wires for DIY Electronics Projects -RC045


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This 24AWG (0.5mm Diameter) Multi-Strand prototyping wire is the perfect size for all your Raspberry Pi projects! What's the difference between solid core and multi-strand? Multi-strand has 7 x 0.2mm Diameter Wire's instead of 1 single wire, this results in the cable being very flexible, which makes it excellent for projects where there might be some movement - remote control cars, robots, or anything that requires a little more flexibility, such as non-permanent breaboarding. 24AWG Multi-Strand Wire is ideal for breadboarding, plate wiring, prototyping, terminal hook up's, jumpers and free wiring - basically all small electronic projects. Once the end has been 'tinned' (adding a small amount of solder to form the multi-strands into a single wire), it will increase the relative diamter to 22 AWG, which works well in breadboards and will also fit neatly in to terminal blocks.


  • Voltage Rating: 1kv
  • Insulation: PVC
  • Insulation Thickness: 0.3mm
  • Current Rating: 1.8A
  • Resistance: 64R/km
  • AWG Equivalent: 24 AWG (APPROXIMATE)


  • Good quality
  • Multi color
  • Used for project work

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1 meter Multistand wires for DIY Electronics Projects