37 in 1 Sensor Modules Kit for Arduino -SR052

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  • The most complete performance starter kit with all the essential Arduino sensors
  • 37 Pcs essential Arduino components
  • Have a close look at the parts
  • Includes latest Arduino components to turn your idea into a real product

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Joystick Module1
5v Relay Module1
Big Sound Sensor Module1
Small Sound Sensor Module1
Tracking Module1
Avoid Sensor Module1
Flame Sensor Module1
Linear Hall Sensor Module1
Touch Sensor Module1
Digital Temperature Sensor Module1
Buzzer Module1
Passive Buzzer Module1
RGB Led Module1
SMD RGB Led Module1
2- Colour Led Module1
Mini 2 Colour Led Module1
Reed Switch Module1
Mini Reed Switch
Heartbeat Module1
7- Colour Flash Module1
Laser Emitting Diode Module1
Button Module1
Shock Sensor Module1
Rotary Encoder Module1
Light cup Module1
Tilt Switch Module1
Ball Switch module1
LDR or Photoresistor Module1
Temperature and Humidity Module1
Analog Hall sensor Module1
Hall Magnetic Sensor Module1
DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Module1
Analog Temperature Sensor1
IR Emission Module1
IR Receiver Module1
Tap Module1
Light Blocking Module1


1.Control the Led using Hall Magnetic Sensor Module
2. Control a Fan using Relay Module and Touch Sensor Module
3. Control a Bulb using Mini Reed Switch Module
4. Turn On/Off Led using Light Blocking Sensor Module
5. Control fan using Reed Switch Sensor Module
6. Make a Tilted Circuit using Light Cup Module
7. Make a Dubstep (EDM) Player Circuit using Small Sound Sensor Module
8. COntrol the Bulb using LDR and Relay Module
9. Display Different Colours based on the Temperature value using the analog temperature sensor module
10.Flame Detection System suing Flame Sensor Module
11. Display different colors using RGB and IR module
12. Security System using Laser and LDR Module
13. Move Robotic Head using obstacle Avoidance Module
14. COntrol RGB Module using HC-05 Bluetooth Module
15. Dice Game using 16*2 LCD and Tilt switch Module
16. Rotate Stepper Motor with ULN2003 Motor Driver Module and Rotary Encoder Module
17. Turn 5V Relay On/Off using Big Sound Sensor Module
18. ELectronic Letter Notifier using 2 colors Led Module and Tap module 
19. Measure heartbeat and Display on 16*2 Lcd Display with Heartbeat Sensor
20. Display the magnetic Field value on 20*4 LCD using Linear Hall magnetic Module
21. Control Led using IR receiver and IR Emission Module with Push Button
22. Control the Tobe of Buzzer using Push Button
23. Control the rotation of SG-90 Servo Motor using Ball Switch
24. Move the Dot using Joystick Module with 8*8 Matrix Module
25. Play Indian National Anthem using Passive Buzzer Module
26. Measure the Temperature using DS18B20 Temperature module
27. Turn on/off a Bulb using Relay Module with NodeMCU via Server Application
28. Display Humidity & Temperature Values on Blynk Application using DHT11 Module
29. Display different colors using the Mini Two Colour Module using a Server Application
30. Display different colors using Two Colour Module using a Server Application
31. Measure Temperature using Digital Temperature Sensor Module
32. Turn On/Off using Shock Sensor Module
33. Control Led using Tracking Sensor Module
34. Control SMD RGB Module using Push Button
35. Display Different Colors using 7 Colour Flash Led
36. Display the Number of pressed Button using Button Module and 20*4 LCD Display
37. Turn On/Off Led using Touch Sensor Module
38. Display the Count Values of Analog Hall Sensor and Button Module
39. Display the RGB Values on Blynk Application using RGB Led Module


In some of the projects libraries are needed, Install these libraries before uploading the code.


This is already inbuilt if not then install it using Manage Library



Servo Master is inbuilt Library. Download it from https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XEyFZik_ENYtE4LOf3mOP3kqfqH3FNh2























 Install from Manage Library (Inbuilt Library)








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