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Radiolink A560 Plug & Play (PNP) RC Gyro Airplane with 6 Flight Modes (No Radio/Receiver/Charger)

Radiolink A560 Plug & Play (PNP) RC Gyro Airplane with 6 Flight Modes (No Radio/Receiver/Charger)


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This is a Radiolink A560 Plug & Play (PNP) RC Gyro Airplane with 6 Flight Modes. This version has no charger, radio or receiver. You can use transmitters like Radiolink, Frsky, Flysky, RadioMaster, Jumper and Futaba. Byme-A flight controller compatible receiver that supports SBUS or PPM signal. It has stabilized/Gyro/Manual/Aerobati/Vertical flight (fixed wing & quadcopter) modes that benefit from the Byme-A flight controller. It's friendly for beginners, intermediate and experienced to enjoy 3D plane flying. One key to switch flight modes. It has a factory-installed 2206-1450KV brushless motor,15A FLYCOLOR ESC, and a Byme-A flight controller. No glue or tape is required, and it only a few minutes to assemble the full body. The control algorithm and digital filter are applied to the Byme-A Gyro controller. One piece of the wing structure and powerful brushless system make the A560 easy to fly in the fresh breeze. The Byme-A gyro system helps prevent crashes and makes it easy to learn how to fly. The body is made of durable polypropylene(PP) foam, which is lightweight and resistant to crash, it doesn't easily bend out of shape.

The flight controller Byme-A, specially developed by RadioLink for fixed-wing, includes the full-attitude algorithm, control algorithm, and digital filter algorithm and works with the 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis acceleration transducers to solve the problem of any attitude angle in the air. If you lose control of the aeroplane in the Gyro Mode or Manual Mode, simply activate the Stabilize Mode with the push of a button and release the control sticks. Byme-A will help automatically return the aeroplane to level flight. Beginners can achieve professional flight even at the first trial.


  • Model Type: A560
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band
  • ESC: FLYCOLOR 15A brushless ESC
  • Propeller: GEMFAN 7035 props
  • Servo: 9G servo*1 & 4.3G servo *2
  • Motor Specification: SZ-SPEED 1806F 2200KV brushless motor
  • Flight Distance: 4KM ( with RADIOLINK R8XM receiver)
  • Voltage Range: 7.4~11.1V (2S-3S lithium battery)
  • Support Battery: 2S-3S
  • Wing Dimension: 560mm
  • Length: 560mm


  • Plug & Play Flight Controller:
    • 4-channel aeroplane flight controller, with 6 flight modes, lightweight and small size, supports 5-6v voltage, Using the CH5(3-way switch) and CH7(2-way-switch) easy to change flight mode when flying. Applicable with various models, like straight-wing aircraft, 3D fixed wing(F3P), RC planes, RC jets, trainers and scale model aircraft.
  • No Glue or Tape Required:
    • Factory-installed 3 servos and linkages, fast and easy to assemble.
    • No need for glue or tape to build, all of the servos can be replaced by a screwdriver, which is in the package.
  • Efficient Brushless Power System:
    • Factory-installed brushless motor 2260CS-1450KV. Software and hardware improve the radiation of heat and extend the motor lifespan.
    • A supercharged magnet is used by the motor to ensure better effort and more linear power output
  • Stabilize Mode:
    • Stabilize Mode with gyro assisting to balance aeroplane. The model attitude (inclination angles) is controlled by joysticks.
    • When the joystick is back to the central point, A560 will return to level automatically. Recommend for beginners to practice level flight.
  • Gyro Mode:
    • Gyro assists in enhancing the A560 balance but the aeroplane won't be leveled automatically.
    • Pilots with certain experience take the Gyro Mode to practice the fixed-wing, such as realizing various freestyles, rolling, rapid pitching, backwards, side flight, and spiral descending.
  • Acrobatic Mode:
    • Combination of Stabilize Mode and Gyro Mode. Byme-A flight controller helps aeroplanes be leveled automatically when released joysticks make beginners easy to perform rolls, flat spins, 3D flight, and other amazing aerobatics.
  • Dual Vertical Modes:
    • Multirotor Logic: A560 remains in stunt posture and direction automatically and moves as fixed-wing logic.
    • Fixed-wing Logic: The fixed-wing Vertical Mode will fly with the vertical posture automatically and move as fixed-wing logic.
    • *Movement difference between Vertical Fixed-wing and Multirotor mode refer to the user manual
  • Efficient Power System:
    • Powerful and efficient brushless power system including a 15A FLYCOLOR ESC and GENFAN propeller 8038.
    • The propeller uses polycarbonate and is collision-resistant. Propeller rotary balanced with small vibration and stable flight in Acrobatic Mode.
  • Durable Propeller Safe Design:
    • The propeller saver keeps the propeller from damage and prevents the electronic components from overcurrent.
    • Pick up the prop and install it on the shaft adaptor to fly again after the propeller drops off. GENFAN prop and the brushless motor are durable for crashes.

Package Included:

  • 1 x A560 airplane
  • 1 x Byme-A(installed)
  • 1 x 7.4V 600mAh LiPo batteries
  • 2 x Propellers
  • 1 x Fiber tape+1 * Screwdriver
  • 1 x Carrying Bag
  • 10 x Spare rubber ring
  • 1 x User instruction
  • 1 x Assembly instruction