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GT2 Timing Belt 10M GT2 Width 6mm Black Open Timing Belt For 3D Printer - RS3281

GT2 Timing Belt 10M GT2 Width 6mm Black Open Timing Belt For 3D Printer - RS3281


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Highest quality precision GT2 Timing Belt For 3D Printer. Made from NEOPRENE Synthetic Rubber reinforced with fibreglass cords for superior strength. Neoprene an oil-resistant substitute for natural rubber, was invented by DuPont scientists on April 17, 1930.

The balanced combination of the Polymers properties-
  • Resists degradation from sun, ozone, and weather.
  • Performs well in contact with oils and many chemicals.
  • Remains useful over a wide temperature range.
  • Displays outstanding physical toughness.
  • Resists burning inherently better than exclusively hydrocarbon rubbers.
  • Outstanding resistance to damage caused by flexing and twisting.

The GT2 Timing Belt also called the synchronous belt is popularly known for its non-slipping mechanical drive belt. GT2 Timing Belt is composed of a flexible belt which contains a row of teeth embedded on the inner surface of the belt. The Timing Pulley and belt work when the toothed parts become compatible with each other.

It is a GT2 Timing Belt that usually features teeth on the inside surface, while a timing chain is a roller chain. Widely used in mechanical devices, printers/photocopiers, 3d printers, robotics, automation, etc.


  • Material: Neoprene Rubber With Fiberglass Core
  • Shape: Open Loop
  • Total Length: 10 M
  • Pitch: 2mm
  • Width: 6mm
  • Tooth Height: 0.76mm
  • Belt Height: 1.52mm


  • Precision registration and timing with no loss of high torque-carrying capability
  • Minimal vibration and chordal effect Positive slip-proof engagement
  • Wide speed range, is especially important when the entire speed range is developed from a single source
  • Virtually no elongation (stretching) due to wear
  • Power transmission efficiency is not lost with the use
  • A clean operation, no need for lubrication
  • Reduced noise.
  • Long, dependable trouble-free service.

Package Included:

1 x GT2 Timing Belt 10M GT2 Width 6mm Black Open Timing Belt For 3D Printer