Make an IR sensor Controlled Robot Car using 7*4 Wheel and L293D Motor driver Module inetrfacing with Arduino uno - KT669

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This is an interactive project in which we are making an IR control Robot using IR remote interfacing with Arduino uno.
This remote controlled car can be moved around using practically any kind of remote such as TV, AC etc.
It makes use of the fact that the remote emits IR (infrared).


  •      Arduino Uno and USB cable - 1
  •      Chassis for Robowar, Metal Chassis – 1, 7*4 Wheel – 4, 1000 RPM Motor - 4
  •      Infrared IR Sensor Receiver Module - 1
  •      L293D Motor Driver Module - 1
  •      Jumper wire (male to male and male to female) – 40 pcs each
  •      12V Lithium Ion Battery - 1
  •      IR Remote controller – 1
  •      Single stand wire 2 mt – 1
  •      Breadboard 170 points - 1 


Arduino IDE 1.8.5   (programmable platform for Arduino)

Click To Download : 


L293D Motor Driver Module

This particular Motor Driver Module is a quadruple high current half-H drivers.

  •      Wide Supply-Voltage Range: 4.5 V to 36 V
  •      Separate Input-Logic Supply 
  •      Thermal Shutdown 
  •      Output Current 600 mA Per Channel
  •      Highest Output Current 1.2 A Per Channel 






Ground (It grounds the input and completes the circuit path)


+5V Pin 

It is Recommended Voltage



Pin (VSS)

It is recommended power supply (36V is maximum)


Power LED

Illuminates when power is applied


IN1 Pin 

Input Pin 1 (To rotate motor in Clock-wise direction. It is for Motor 1 Inputs)



It is for the Input of Motor 1


IN2 Pin 

Input Pin 2 (To rotate motor in Anti-Clockwise direction. It is for Motor 2 Inputs)


MTR Pin 

It is for the Input of Motor 2



Driving IC

It consists of two H-Bridge circuit inside the IC which can rotate two dc motor independently

IR Receiver

Operating Voltage

2.7 to 5.5V

Operating Current

0.4 to 1.5mA

Reception Distance


Reception Angle


Carrier Frequency


Low-Level Voltage


High-Level Voltage


Ambient Light Filter

up to 500LUX


Saving the IR Library

Go to the following link-

Note: If this link is not opened. Do copy the link and paste it in the search bar.

Save the files within a folder named IR remote and save the folder in the libraries directory of your Arduino IDE i.e. arduino1.0.6>libraries folder as IR remote.


  •      Fix the wheels to the chassis.
  •      Attach the 2 motors to the back wheels and use dummies for the front.
  •      Fix the breadboard by using the double sided tape provided on it.
  •      Attach the L293D Motor Driver Module on the breadboard with the notch facing front. 

IR Receiver Connection

IR SensorArduino Uno
SPWM (Digital Pin 11)
+VCC (3.3v)

Finding Hexadecimal Values of Remote Keys

  1.   Upload the code in remote.ino into the Arduino
  2.   Open the serial monitor.
  3.   Press different remote keys and obtain their hexadecimal values. (Note that the values will not be obtained with 0x which represents hexadecimal also some values are obtained in middle like FFFFFFFF, ignore them).

Here I have obtained the values of the front, back, left, right and middle keys which are


front= 0x80BF53AC

back= 0x80BF4BB4

left= 0x80BF9966

right= 0x80BF837C

middle= 0x80BF738C

These values of these buttons are mapped to move front, move back, move left, move right and brake respectively. 

Complete Connections:

  •      Connect Pins of the L293D Motor Driver Module with Arduino Uno as follows:

Arduino    L293D Motor Driver Module

Pin 4  ->  Pin IN1

Pin 5  ->  Pin MTR      

Pin 6  ->  Pin IN2

Pin 7  ->  Pin MTR

Pin +5V  ->  Pin +5V

Pin GND  -> Pin GND


  •      Connect positive and negative terminals of two motors (left side) with the Motor Outputs of L293D Motor Driver Module.
  •      Connect positive and negative terminals of two motors (left side) with the Motor Outputs of L293D Motor Driver Module.
  •      Connect the +9/12V Pin and GND of the L293D Motor Driver Module with the VCC and GND of the Lipo Battery.
  •      Refer to circuit connection diagram for more details.
  •      Note that in the circuit diagram yellow wires represent positive terminal and green wires represent negative terminal. 

Integrating Everything

Now integrate everything i.e. both the IR receiver part and L293D part.

Basically you can first make the IR connections, find hexadecimal value and without disturbing the IR connections, make the L293D connections and interface the motors with Arduino. 


1vThTFmdLrLsouwnwe0qzx1sBHIvhoUhOevhYDfjp24mVH46Rk5vCVeqKC IMmn7NAzElTiWj5swK998v/pub


Welcome to the Arduino Based Remote Controlled Car which consists of IR Receiver. The basic working principle of the project depends upon the IR Sensor which is being described here. When the IR receiver does not receive a signal, the potential at the inverting input goes higher than that non-inverting input of the comparator IC (LM339). Thus the output of the comparator goes low, but the LED does not glow. When the IR receiver module receives signal to the potential at the inverting input goes low. Thus the output of the comparator (LM 339) goes high and the LED starts glowing.  

Upload the code given in rc_car.ino into the Arduino (provided both IR and L293D connections have been made).

The code just like the previous schematic is just an integration of remote and motor test codes i.e. the Arduino first now checks the remote key which you have pressed by obtaining its hexadecimal value , checks what function has been mapped to that value and

performs the required function through L293D Check if the bot moves as required or not.

Go to this repository to download the code and schematics. Click on the "Clone or Download" button (green in color on the right side) and select "Download ZIP" to download the zip file. Now extract the contents on your computer to get the code and schematics (in the schematics folder).


Important instructions regarding IR Remote control robot

During motor connections, you may quiet watch the connections of motors and check the proper direction of the motors in which the motor rotate so it is easy to rotate your robot.

You may also use the l293d motor driver module it is easy to use and connections and use two batteries 1 12v for motors and other 9v for arduino uno.

And you will easily access the robot and you may also change some codes of motors that in which direction you may connect you will see and change the changes in codes

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