Control the LEDs using Hall Magnetic Sensor Module - KT621

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In this project, we will learn about basic functionality of Hall Magnetic Sensor by controlling the LEDs using a Magnet.



Arduino IDE 1.8.5 (programmable platform for Arduino)

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Magnetic Hall Sensor Module

The Hall Magnetic Sensor Module is a switch that will turn on/off in the presence of a magnetic field. It consists of 3144EUA-S sensitive Hall-effect switch for high-temperature operation, a 680Ω resistor and a LED. It is compatible with popular electronics platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi.


Operating Voltage

4.5V to 24V

Operating Temperature Range

-40°C to 85°C [-x°F to x°F]


18.5mm x 15mm [0.728in x 0.591in]

Arduino Uno


  • Attach two LEDs on Breadboard.
  • Connect GND of Arduino Uno with Breadboard for further GND connections.
  • Connect the positive terminal of LED 1 with Digital Pin 12 of Arduino
  • Connect the positive terminal of LED 2 with Digital Pin 13 of Arduino
  • Connect GND of both LEDs with GND rail of Breadboard.
  • Connect GND of Hall Magnetic Sensor with GND of Arduino Uno.
  • Connect VCC of Hall Magnetic Sensor with Pin 3.3V of Arduino Uno.
  • Connect Pin Signal of Hall Magnetic Sensor with Analog Pin A0 of Arduino Uno.



Welcome to the Arduino Based Project which consists of Hall Magnetic Sensor. The Magnetic sensors are solid-state devices that can be used in many different types of application such as sensing position, velocity or directional movement. Hall Effect Sensors are devices which are activated by an external magnetic field. The magnetic field has two important characteristics of flux density, (B) and polarity (North and South Poles). The output signal from a Hall Effect sensor is the function of magnetic field density around the device. When the magnetic flux density around the sensor exceeds a certain pre-set threshold, the sensor detects it and generates an output voltage called the Hall Voltage, VH. Here, we will see the Northern and Southern poles of the Magnet as we place it on either side towards Sensor.


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