Display the Magnetic Field value on 20*4 LCD using Linear Hall Magnetic Module - KT620

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In this project, we have used Linear Hall to know about the specific magnetic field around it and display the values on LCD.



Arduino IDE 1.8.5 (programmable platform for Arduino)

Click To Download: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software


Linear Magnetic Hall Sensor Module

This sensor produces a voltage when placed into a magnetic field. The voltage can be used to control your Arduino.

It is an analog sensor which means it can read out the value of the magnetic field.

  • Has the single signal output instructions.
  • Effective signal output for low level.
  • Sensitivity adjustable pure tone.
  • Have the field cuts have signal output.

Arduino Uno


  • Connect GND of Arduino Uno with Breadboard for further GND connections.
  • Connect Pin 5V of Arduino Uno with Breadboard for further 5V power supply connections.
  • Connect GND of Linear Hall Module with GND of Arduino Uno.
  • Connect VCC of Linear Hall with Pin 3.3V of Arduino Uno.
  • Connect Pin A0 of Linear Hall with Analog Pin A0 of Arduino Uno.
  • Connect 20*4 LCD with I2C GND pin to Arduino Uno’s GND pin.
  • Connect 20*4 LCD with I2C VCC pin to Arduino Uno’s 5V pin.
  • Connect 20*4 LCD with I2C SDA pin to Arduino Uno’s SDA pin.
  • Connect 20*4 LCD with I2C SCL pin to Arduino Uno’s SCL pin.




Welcome to the Arduino Based Project which consists of Linear Hall Module and 1602 LCD. The basic working principle of the module is being described here. The effect is seen when a conductor is passed through a uniform magnetic field. The natural electron drift of the charge carriers causes the magnetic field to apply a Lorentz force to these charge carriers. The result is what is seen as charge separation, with a buildup of either positive or negative charges on the bottom or on the top of the plate. A hall sensor is a kind of magnetic field sensor based on the effect.  Electricity carried through a conductor will produce a magnetic field that varies with current, and a Hall sensor can be used to measure the current without interrupting the circuit. Mostly, the sensor is integrated with a permanent magnet that surrounds the conductor to be measured. Here, we have used LCD to print the values of Module on LCD Display.


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