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Description: High quality switching ‘wall wart’ AC to DC 5V 1000mA wall power supply manufactured specifically for Spark Fun Electronics. These are switch mode power supplies which mean the output is regulated to 5V (no more 14V outputs!) and the capable output current is much higher (1000mA!). Please note, this specific supply...
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Description: DC power jack/connector. This is a common barrel-type power jack for DC wall supplies. These are compatible with our DC wall supplies and have a 5mm jack, with a 2.1mm center pole diameter.
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 alkaline batteries can be convenient for their high voltage in a small size, but the energy density (watt-hours per given volume or weight) is the same as other batteries with the same chemistry, which means the capacity in amp-hours is low. 
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: Balance Charger;Input Plug Type : 2.1 x 5.5mm DC Plug;Output Socket Type : 2S/3S Input Voltage : DC 9-16V;Max. Output Voltage : 2S 7.4V3S 11.1V;Charging Current : 1000mA
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9 Volt Batteries are used in almost all electronic circuits / projects always good to keep some battery Snaps / Connectors Caps handy.
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Lithium-ion polymer batteries, polymer lithium-ion or more commonly lithium polymer batteries (abbreviated Li-poly, Li-Pol, LiPo, LIP, PLI or LiP) are rechargeable (secondary cell) batteries. LiPo batteries are usually composed of several identical secondary cells in parallel to increase the discharge current capability.
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